Welcome to One Neat Nest!

Hi! I’m Alana, and welcome to One Neat Nest.

For most of my life the floor of my bedroom was rarely visible, dirty dishes seemed to follow me around and I wasn’t keen on putting things back in their place. But after living through two tiny dorm rooms, a crammed college apartment, a not-so-pretty college house and a 600-square-foot “grown up” apartment with my husband and dog, I had to come to terms with the value of being neat.

And now, I can’t get enough.

Some people spend their weekend nights out on the town. I spend mine finding a pretty and practical way to store my herbs and spices, organizing and re-organizing my linen closet and, yes, even arranging my can koozie collection by color (I wish this was a joke).

Now I’m not perfect and I still have troubleĀ putting clean clothes away in a timely manner and taking dirty dishes to the dishwasher. Regardless, I love finding new systems and processes to keep my house neat and the fun projects that come along with it.

From tips, tricks and DIY to organizing, home decor and more, this blog will be where I share how I keep One Neat Nest.


Welcome to One Neat Nest



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