Entryway Coat Closet Makeover Under $75

My entryway coat closet is a project I’ve been putting off for a while now, but this weekend I decided it was time for a makeover!

Entryway Coat Closet Makeover Under $75 | One Neat Nest

This isn’t an area we use on a daily basis (especially in the summer), so I didn’t want to spend a fortune trying to jazz it up. I decided to give myself a budget of $75. After a trip to Target to get the supplies I needed, I came in way under budget at $55.93!

Here’s the transformation…

Here are some tips to create your own organized entryway closet on a budget:

    1. Invest in heavy-duty hangers. The plastic hangers in our coat closet were constantly breaking because of the weight from some of our larger coats. I upgraded to wooden hangers, which look great and will definitely stand up against our heaviest winter gear. I found these at Target for $15 (24-pack).Entryway Coat Closet Makeover Under $75 | One Neat Nest
    2. Use specialty hangers. I have about 20+ scarves and keeping them organized and easy to access can be a nightmare. Using a hanger specifically designed to hang scarves was the perfect solution. I already had one in my closet, but found this similar one on Amazon for under $10.Entryway Coat Closet Makeover Under $75 | One Neat Nest
    3. Use drawers to keep accessories organized. We had all of our winter hats, gloves, etc., thrown together in a reusable grocery bag and shoved up on the top shelf of the closet. When the time came to actually find something, it basically meant dumping the whole bag out and digging through the pile for a good 20 minutes. Storing accessories in drawers can help you keep like items together and make them easy to access in a pinch. I bought this drawer cart at Target for $15.
      Entryway Coat Closet Makeover Under $75 | One Neat Nest
    4. Use bins and baskets to keep miscellaneous items organized. In addition to all of our winter wear, we keep a variety of other items in our coat closet — backpacks, dog stuff, etc. Using bins is a good way to corral like items and makes things easy to find when you need them. I opted for these cube storage bins from Target on sale for $5 each. I also bought these tags to easily remember what is in each bin.
      Entryway Coat Closet Makeover Under $75 | One Neat Nest
    5. Use pool noodles to keep your boots standing straight. It drives me nuts when my tall boots flop over leaving a big crease in the side. If you have some spare pool noodles sitting around after summer, cut them to length and stick them inside your boots.Entryway Coat Closet Makeover Under $75 | One Neat Nest
    6. Bonus Tips: Organize hanging items by family member so each person knows exactly where to look for their stuff. Zip your coats up when you hang them to keep them from slipping off the hanger and on to the floor!

Here’s the cost breakdown :

Hangers: $15.99
Scarf Hanger: $9.87 (I already had mine, so I didn’t have to buy this)
Drawer Cart: $14.99
Baskets: $19.96
Tags: $3.00
Pool Noodle: $1.99

Total: $65.80


Entryway Coat Closet Makeover Under $75 | One Neat Nest

Got other ideas for easy entryway coat closet upgrades? Share them in the comments!

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