DIY Organized Spice Drawer

If you’re one of the three million people in this country who suffer from a disorganized, unusable, makes-you-want-to-throw-everything-on-the-floor spice cabinet–I’m with you.

The only place in our kitchen that I could find a place to store my 30+ herbs and spices was this tiny corner cabinet. At first glance, it was a great idea. What else could we fit in this awkward, slim space?


But there was no good way to keep everything organized in there, and I quickly realized that every night making dinner turned into this:


So I decided it was time for a little DIY.

DIY Organized Spice Drawer | One Neat Nest

I did some looking around online to gather ideas and came across this similar corner cabinet, but after doing some research on the products I knew it would be a little too pricey for my budget.

image via

So I decided to rethink my strategy, and realized that I had an empty drawer that needed some love. I quickly found lots of inspiration online. Here are a few images that caught my eye:


I hopped on Amazon and found these three products that I needed to get started on my own DIY spice drawer project: 4oz jars, chalkboard labels and a chalk ink pen.

When everything arrived, the first thing I did was wash all the jars.

While they were drying, I put a chalkboard label on each top, and labeled each one with the spice/herb name, as well as the expiration date.

DIY Organized Spice Drawer | One Neat Nest

Since everything is written in chalk ink, you can easily erase and re-label a jar if you put in a different herb/spice, or if you refill and need to update the expiration date.

DIY Organized Spice Drawer | One Neat Nest

Then, one by one I emptied each spice into a jar. I typically buy McCormick brand, and all of them fit perfectly into this 4oz size.

DIY Organized Spice Drawer | One Neat Nest

I also alphabetized them in my drawer to make it even easier to find what I need!


DIY Organized Spice Drawer | One Neat Nest

This project definitely took a lot of time, but it was worth it.

How do you keep your herbs and spices organized?

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