#Shelfies I Can’t Get Enough Of

Creating a well-decorated shelf is both an art and a science. Variations in height, depth and texture are key; and pops of color help tie it all together.

While gathering inspiration for the shelves in my house, I’ve scoured the web and put together a list of #shelfies I just can’t get enough of.

#Shelfies I Can't Get Enough Of | One Neat Nest

I love how subtle the blue is against the neutral background and surroundings:

via Grace House

It’s impossible to talk about beautiful open shelving without showcasing Fixer Upper:

via HGTV

The pops of gold here keep your eyes moving from shelf to shelf over and over again:

via Curated Interior

This is a great example of shelves that are both pretty and practical:

via The Brauns

I love the character this live-edge wood brings to the space:

via DIY in PDX

Even bathrooms are a great place to show off your #shelfie game:

via Jay Adores

You can never have enough house plants…right?:

via Old Brand New

The copper accents here add a touch of glam:

via Crate and Barrel

What are your favorite ways to create a beautiful open shelving?

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